Peter Jailall (BA, BEd, MA, OISE/U of T) is a teacher, poet and storyteller. He began his teaching career in September 1965 at Enmore Government School in Guyana after graduating from the Government Training College for Teachers. He continued his teaching career in Canada between 1970 to 1998. He has published five books of poetry. Peter volunteers with CUSO as a teacher-trainee in Guyana. He received the 2010 Guyana Cultural Association Award for his work in Rural Education in Guyana and in 2011 received the Marty’s Award for Established Literary Arts in Mississauga, Ontario. Since his retirement, Peter has conducted workshops on Poetry Writing, in schools across Guyana and Canada. He lives in Mississauga where he gardens in summer.



  • Stop!  Stop!  Don’t Be A Bully (2015) Mississauga, ON. In Our Words, Inc.
  • Jottings (2014) Mississauga, ON. In Our Words, Inc.
  • Sacrifice (2010) Mississauga, ON. In Our Words, Inc.
  • Mother Earth (2009) Mississauga, ON. In Our Words, Inc.
  • When September Comes (2003) Toronto, ON.  Natural Heritage Inc.
  • Yet Another Home (1997) Toronto, ON.  Natural Heritage Inc.
  • This Healing Place (1993) Toronto, ON.  Natural Heritage Inc.


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