by Dave Moores

“The author's grasp of the complexities of the young mind in Attitude is realistic and engaging. The diversity of the characters reminds the reader of today's society and likens to the analogy Let the best man win. But the best man may not be the person you had in mind. —Donna Kirk Author, Finding Matthew; Stories published in Canadian journals, newspapers and in American newspapers.


“Attitude is a fast paced novel pitting resourceful teens, Lyle and Laura, against a cast of quirky, dysfunctional characters and real bad asses who mostly get what’s coming to them. This story will quicken pulses and is bound to please readers of YA novels.” —Mike Joll, author Persons Of Interest and A Time To Love And A Time To Die.


“Dave Moores has combined all the elements of the genre: rebellion, friendship, relationships, first love, angst and identity into a dark, twisted coming-of-age drama that puts us in the head of the protagonist like few authors have done. Hats off folks.  A strong, new voice in YA literature has arrived on the scene. Hopefully more from this author is in the works.” —Ray Holmes, author Witnesses And Other Short Stories.


“A surprise at every turn of the page. Dave Moores aptues the very essence of teenage angst in Attitude and never fails to impress on the reader, that these, above everything else, are also people: warm, intelligent and vibrant.” —Ken Puddicombe, author Racing With The Rain and Junta.


“Smart, quirky, and full of tension, Attitude is one of those novels where the characters stick with you long after you finish the book.  Moores is a skillful writer who gives them all depth and authenticity and brings them to life in a way that is nothing short of remarkable.” —Catherine McKenzie, author of The Twisted Minute

5.0 out of 5 stars Teen Angst served up with a Twist of Humour!

Reviewed in Canada on September 25, 2020