BY Ken Puddicombe

"Ken Puddicombe’s debut collection of poetry immerses us in the rich sights, sounds and aromas of a lost world:  a place of the past which touches all our hearts precisely because each of us has a history.  Who are we if not our past?  Yesterdays walk with him and peer over his shoulder as they do with us. The past beats within his prose like a second heart and he uncovers layers of memories and a unique culture with love, skill and nuance, illuminating their shapes and corners and occasionally revealing sharp edges.  Most important of all, these verses describe the scars of life; reminders that that we are all survivors from deep wounds. This tour de force of poetic memoir deserves a place on the book shelf of every person who knows that life can only be understood looking back, but must be lived in the present moment and in the future." — Raymond Holmes – Author of Witnesses And Other Short Stories.

“In this collection Guyanese poet Ken Puddicombe uses words to capture and paint the landscape of vibrant memories and sombre shadows which have shaped his identity, and invites the readers to envisage how their sense of selves may be located in their lived experiences.” —Diana Abrams Diana Abraham is a member of the Guyanese Diaspora who lives in Toronto Canada, her own writing credits are in fields relating to academic discourses on transnational migration, identify and belonging.

“In this collection of poems, Ken Puddicombe peels back the curtain on this remote corner of the world to reveal Guyana in all its beauty and ugliness. These poignant, emotionally satisfying and individualistic poems breathe life, and death, into the Guyanese experience.” — Michael Joll, author of Perfect Execution and Persons Of Interest

“Reading Unfathomable…One is aware of the sounds, smells and music of the country…using structure and sound to take the reader into the poem.” —Jennifer Footman, author of St. Valentine’s Day

5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyed it immensely

Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2020

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