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Published 2012.Historical Fiction. Author Ken Puddicombe's stirring tale of conflict and strife in pre-independent British Guiana during the nationalistic drive of the early fifties, sixties and seventies.


Published 2014.The Coup is On. Ken Puddicombe takes an insightful look at the execution of a coup by the military on the island of Saint Anglia in the West Indies as General Marks takes over the government in a bloodless coup.

down independence boulevard and other stories

Published 2017 February. Ken Puddicombe's first collection of short stories that follow expat Guyanese emigres as they prepare to leave Guyana and settle abroad, but discover that some things are beyond their control.

PERFECT EXECUTION and other stories

Published 2017 Feb.Micael Joll's first collection of short stories that take the reader to locations around the world in a ride that never lets up in its literary outlook.

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